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Welcome to our web, https://continentalstone.es
On this website we provide you products or services subjects to notice, terms, and conditions set forth in this agreement. When you use any service or products, you will be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and condition applicable to such services, so we would like you to read the following agreement carefully before you purchase any of the services or products that we offer on our website.


1. Purchase Conditions

These conditions of purchase detailed below are valid for all services and products of our web, https://continentalstone.es
Please, take your time, read it carefully with understanding and pay attention in everything we say in them. If for any reason you do not accept them or you disagree with something that has been written here, it would be best if you do not buy anything or pay for any service.

Identification ID

This website is property of Continental Stone and Marble, S.L., with CIF B-54084314 and located in highway Novelda-Monóvar, Km. 0,2 03660 Novelda (Alicante) Spain. Anything you want to tell us or have any question, do not hesitate to contact us directly to the email info@continentalstone.es


On this website we are dedicated to offering and selling products, both our own and third parties.


2. Content and information provided on the website

We reserve the right to modify at any time and without notice, the services, products, prices, discounts and promotions that we offer on our website. But if it’s something important, I’ll let you know so you have proof of it.
We try our best that all the content that we upload be truthfull, since we always contrast it with official sources for our peace of mind. In addition, as you have been able to verify, the writing has been revised each millimeter to avoid spelling or writing errors. So if you find one, we would appreciate it if you let us know by email and we will correct it immediately.
In case that there was an error in any price and you have already purchased the service or product, we will let you know as soon as we realize about it. At that moment you will have the option to pay the difference or return the product / service, and we will return the money immediately without any hassle or additional cost to you.


3. Sale system

On our website we have the following options for you to make a purchase of our services or products
* By phone at +34 666 436 695

* By email to info@continentalstone.es


4. Applicable taxes

All prices on our website have already added the Value Added Tax (VAT) that is current at that moment.
Therefore, if you live in the European Union and buy any of our products or services, VAT is mandatory.
If you live outside Europe, the tax to apply on the price of the product or service will be the legal and mandatory in your country.


5. Payment

We accept only two payment methods: Letter of credit or Wire Transfer.
Note: Please tell us after you pay the wire transfer with your order number, the amount paid, the transaction number and the exact date you made the wire transfer.
If we cannot prove your identity correctly, we reserve the right to decide which payment method you will have to use; and this is simply for security reasons and to avoid certain frauds.
On our website we are updated with all the security measures to guarantee a safe and risk-free payment for you, using a firewall and an access control procedure and what is written on the page. This way we assure myself that no data is entered that is not allowed or that is dangerous.
To achieve this level of security, we need you to give us your permission to obtain information about your access to our website.
When entering your data in the payment process, we transmit it electronically through the secure communication protocol HTTPS://, as you can see in the URL of our website https://continentalstone.es/, in this way no one else can have access to this information.


6. Prices of services

The prices of each of the services, if any, are those that can be updated on our website, except typographical error as indicated in point 2.


7. Product prices

The price of every product is the one you can see updated on our website, except typographical error as indicated in point 2.


8. Right of admission

We reserve the right not to admit you to carry out the services we provide. We hope we will never have to execute it, but if we do so we will always objectively.


9. Refund

We have no return conditions. When our product is delivered it can no longer be returned.
This point of purchase conditions is essential that you understand and agree before making any payment or purchase. If you have any doubt the best thing is that you DO NOT BUY ANYTHING and contact us by email info@continentalstone.es or phone at +34 666 436 695, and once you have no doubts, make the payment if you want to move forward.


10. Guarantees

All our products are guaranteed by engineers certificates.


11. Authorization for data processing according to the GDPR

In order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, we have to ask for your consent to save your personal data in our customer database and use them later for the following purpose:
• Responsible: Continental Stone and Marble, S.L.
• Processing Aim: Make invoices and manage the commercial bulletins delivery by electronic or telematic means, related to the products and / or services that we offer on our website https://continentalstone.es
• Legitimation: Your consent
• For how long: Until you decide
• Communication of the data: Our Newsletter Company, our Hosting Company and third parties with legal obligations
• Rights: Information, Access, Opposition, Rectification, Forgetfulness, Portability, Limit, Not to be subject to individualized decisions and Submit a claim to the supervisory authority.
• Additional information: More information in our Privacy Policy

From our web we ask you to read all the pages of legal information, for your peace of mind and our: Legal Notice, Privacy policy, Cookies policy and More information about cookies.